Autodesk Developer Network: Расширения 3ds Max .NET API

Kevin Vandecar, Autodesk

Специально для разработчиков плагинов для 3ds max компания Autodesk организует полуторачасовой тренинг. В нем будет расказано про значительное расширение API и взаимодейстие с .NET Framework, появившееся в связи с выходом advantage pack for 3ds Max 2012. Тренинг будет проходить на английском языке с переводом.


With the release of the advantage pack for 3ds Max 2012 there have been significant enhancements to the exposure of 3ds Max SDK to .NET. Previously only a small subset of the 3ds Max SDK was exposed to .NET via the ManagedServices.dll. Now nearly all of the global functions and classes in the SDK can be accessed directly from .NET using the new Autodesk.Max.dll.

This presentation will show how to use these new enhancements with the 3ds Max SDK features. We will also cover how-to interface with .NET Framework features to exploit the platform and Microsoft’s current technology. We will include the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and a few other features such as the XML facilities.

The material will be presented using the C# language, but the techniques can apply to any .NET programming language including Visual Basic. If you are already a .NET programmer, or are just curious about the .NET environment, but already know the 3ds Max C++ SDK, this class will be good for you. In any case you will learn something new about this exciting new area of the 3ds Max SDK!

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